Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Children growing up with same-sex parents

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People act like same-sex couples having kids is a horrible thing. They act like the couple is committing a crime by taking in a child and raising it into a loving and caring house hold. Same-sex couples want the same thing as everyone else, to be happy and to have a loving home. They made a choice to adopt, they didn't have to but they did because they saw how many children don't have homes because straight couples have so many "oops" babies that they don't want to take care of them. I'm not saying that adopted children are a mistake they are actually a blessing, because they where they brought into the world with a choice of who they want to raise them. Same-sex parents love their children just like any parent would, and because they are being raised by a couple that is out of the ordinary they learn not to judge others and accept people who are different. So, while people view same-sex parents as an abomination, they are actually a gift, by teaching they children not to judge and be kind to others they are raising a better generation. The older generation needs to just accept the changing world and accept same-sex couples

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