Thursday, February 18, 2016

The different flags of the LGBTQ community 

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There are many different flags of the community, the one known world wide is the beautiful rainbow flag that is plastered everywhere. Though that flag has a meaning all on its own there are still other flags that don't get alot of recognition. The Pansexual flag for example, consists of three colorful lines, pink, yellow and blue. Pansexuals like someone no matter their gender and accepts people. The Bisexual flag has three colors of purple, hot pink, and a royal blue. Bisexuals like either a male or female and some even date both at the same time. Then there are the Asexual flag that has four lines with the colors, black, grey, white and purple. Asexuals are not attracted to any gender and though they do date, they are not sexually active. There are many that I have yet to find the flag for like Demisexual and Gender Queer, though they do have the flags for it. People fly these flags to show that they are proud of their sexuality and who shouldn't be. Love is love. 

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