Thursday, March 24, 2016

The rainbow in my familiy

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When it comes to my family, different sexual orientations and preferences are different and not normal. So when I came out as bisexual I thought I would be the only one in my family, though it turns out, that I'm not alone. Both my cousin Russell and my cousin Kayleb are gay and are proud of it. My cousin Russell as around my moms age and they grew up together. My mom told me how he was always open about being gay and embraced how different he was from the other kids. He of course got picked on and hated because of who he was but that did not stop him from embracing who he is.My cousin Russell has been through alot, to being picked on and then having to deal with the lose of his partner who took his life a few years ago, but throughout all those hardships, he still smiles and tries his hardest everyday. Then there is cousin Kayleb who is about twenty and lives in Colorado with his newlywed husband Brad, which they just tied the knot last October. After hearing how happy my cousin is with his husband and how hard they work to make a living, and just trying to be happy in there slice of life it makes me smiling and want to try harder to be happy and have a good life. This post is specifically dedicated to Russell and Kayleb, who show me how strong one can be even through out all the hard things in life. 

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