Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stereotypes of lesbians and gays

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There are a number of stereotypes for and of the lesbian and gay community. When many people think of gay men, they think of them being obsessed with fashion and really stylish. They also see them as going to school as a hairdresser, fashion designer or an interior decorator. Along with that they frequently are assumed to attend seedy gay bars, grinding and flirty with any or all the other gays and homosexuals there. Though thats not the case at all, many homosexual men look like regular normal men, and that's because they are just REGULAR NORMAL MEN. They don't have to look like their stereotypes to be who they are. That also apply's to lesbian women. They are thought to always have short hair with tattoos and wear mens cloths with combat boots and body piercings. They are also thought to were plaid alot, while also driving a pick-up truck and wearing a tool belt. Which is also not true among lesbian women. Lesbian women do not have to be very buff and boy-ish to be lesbian, they look like normal women. You could say they are hiding in the closet(horrible joke). The media and news are always overly stereotyping gays and lesbians. Even though they are stereotyped all the time by many people who just do not understand, they are still proud of themselves and express themselves how ever they feel. 

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