Friday, April 15, 2016

Transgender is real

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So, I decided this weeks blog post would be based on something that has been a topic all over the country. One, transgender is a thing. Two, it's OK to be or know someone who is transgender. And three, no one, I mean NO ONE should mock, put down, or hate on someone who is transgender. Transgender boys and girls have enough trouble as it is as they slowly transition from their old body. Many people think that transgender bathrooms should be a thing. That businesses should put gender-fluid bathrooms in their facility. Though, I do agree with this idea, it is the choice and decision of the business owner and the business owner alone if they put these bathrooms in or not. The transgender community tries hard to spread awareness about who they are and that they should be respected just like everyone else. My best friend is a transgender male, and even though he sometimes feels like he is a girl, or sometimes a boy, it does not matter what others think. It only matters what he thinks of himself and no one else. Adden is a wonderful person, he has showed me the difference between what is right and what is immoral. I am proud of Adden being my best friend and who he as become through out our friendship. I realize this post has gotten slightly off track, though this post is not supposed to be me telling you about what transgender is, but to make you realize that it exists and that who ever is transgender and proud of who they are, that all they want is for you to accept them. If you are reading this and actually do not know what transgender is well, transgender is when a person was born one sex but feels like they are the other. Its like wearing a different kind of skin when their real one is hidden and waiting to be set free. If you or a loved one are transgender, be proud of who you are. No matter what, trans-people and others in between are beautiful.  

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