Thursday, March 24, 2016

The rainbow in my familiy

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When it comes to my family, different sexual orientations and preferences are different and not normal. So when I came out as bisexual I thought I would be the only one in my family, though it turns out, that I'm not alone. Both my cousin Russell and my cousin Kayleb are gay and are proud of it. My cousin Russell as around my moms age and they grew up together. My mom told me how he was always open about being gay and embraced how different he was from the other kids. He of course got picked on and hated because of who he was but that did not stop him from embracing who he is.My cousin Russell has been through alot, to being picked on and then having to deal with the lose of his partner who took his life a few years ago, but throughout all those hardships, he still smiles and tries his hardest everyday. Then there is cousin Kayleb who is about twenty and lives in Colorado with his newlywed husband Brad, which they just tied the knot last October. After hearing how happy my cousin is with his husband and how hard they work to make a living, and just trying to be happy in there slice of life it makes me smiling and want to try harder to be happy and have a good life. This post is specifically dedicated to Russell and Kayleb, who show me how strong one can be even through out all the hard things in life. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

My coming out story

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When I came out as bisexual to my mother it was an interesting experience. I have always been one to be very open with my mom and I am lucky to be one of the few that was able to come out very easily and quickly. What had happened was I came home from a friends house and my mother was sitting in her chair reading a book. I was rambling on and on about my day, assuming that my mother was half not listening so I took that as the chance to just say the words "oh by the way mom, I'm bisexual." The look on her face when she looked up from her book at me then to her friend then back at me was priceless. Even though see was so surprised that I had said that, even though my heart was pounding, even though I was blushing extremely bad, I still stood there as my mother said "you're what?". I continued to repeat myself and then the rest was all a blur. I'm still not sure she is accepting of me being bisexual, but she has not said nothing about my girlfriend currently or my boyfriends before. I feel she does not care either way, she does not accept it, but she also does not hate it and has not thrown me out to the street. My brother sees no difference in it and the rest of my family pretends it's a faze. My coming out experience was a lot easier than others, and even though I'm thankful for how understand my mom and brother are, I wish other parents would be that accepting and understanding to their children. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016


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What is asexuality? How does it work? How can you tell if some one is asexual? A lot of questions for one word, but one is a very good question. Asexuality is not having any sexual desire towards any gender. No one knows how asexuality works. Its not something that can be chosen  or controlled. One can TELL if someone is asexual, because they look just like me and you. The acceptance of asexuality in the scientific field is relatively new but it is still recognized as a sexual orientation. Some one who identifies as asexual can still find someone cute, or attractive, they even will date, they just do not find that person SEXUALLY or ROMANTICALLY attractive. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

What is pansexuality?

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Ok, so when someone hears the word Pansexual, they think that someone is claiming to be sexually attracted to pans. Though, that's not exactly correct. Pansexuality is sexual attraction, or emotional attraction to someone no matter what their gender or orientation. Some times pansexuality is seen as a branch off of bisexuality, which is the sexual attraction to both genders. The prefix, pan, in pansexual means all. Which means that these people like anyone no matter their gender, or sex orientation, though that does not mean they will just be attracted to anyone they see. Everyone, no matter their orientation have standards and things they look for in their partners. When put in a metaphor, one would say that being pansexual makes one a revolving door, where bisexual for example would be a swinging door, since bisexuals swing both ways. It is said that pansexuality rejects the gender binary, or, the notion of two genders and indeed of specific sexual orientations.