Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump and the same-sex marriage law

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(couldn't help myself, had to use this picture!)

Many look at the title and immediately get irritated and think that this is going to be a rant about how horrible a person Donald Trump is. Though I would love to do that, this is not the time. To be completely honest, even though Trump says he is going to get rid of the law that makes same-sex marriage legal in all states, it is not that simple. To get any law passed or revoked one has to go through a lot of steps, for example, convincing congress to go through with it. Yes, Trump can be a little over bearing with his opinion on things, but that's just it, it is HIS opinion, and he has to right to state it. Yes, I personally do not care for Trumps views or ideals or him as a person in general, but I will not be hateful and rude about something that is out of my control. Trump can only go so far with his statement about getting rid of this law, but Bernie Sander did the same thing when he said he would make marijuana legal, which can not be promised unless he goes through many steps as well. For now, I am not worried about Trump and the same-sex law just yet, because unless he goes through all those steps and getting all the approvals needed to get rid of the law, same-sex couples are free to marry.